What is Embryo Collection?

Embryo Collection from cattle and the transfer and freezing of embryos is an assisted reproductive method commonly practised by producers looking for better profits from their animals. It is usually done on “on-farm” with the owner managing his cattle. However, cows can be sent to BVES for the management of the program.

It involves the donor cow undergoing an injectable drug regime, that will produce a number of ova on her ovaries. The cow is mated via artificial insemination or natural service from the bull. Seven days after mating, the resultant embryos are collected from the uterus of the cow and are either transferred fresh into recipient cows, or are frozen using liquid nitrogen.

All aspects of how to best manage donor cows is oven seen by Dr Morris to maximise donor responses and suitability of recipient cattle.

Embryos collected for export are processed and frozen according to the protocols of the International Embryo Transfer Society and to the standards of the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service.

Why use Embryo Transfer?

The use of Embryo Transfer is now an accepted practice in many cattle herds throughout Australia.

The adoption of this technique can rapidly improve the rate of genetic gain and hence the productive ability of both beef and dairy cattle. One valuable cow, instead of having a dozen calves in her lifetime, can now potentially produce a large number to different genetically valuable sires. Embryo Transfer is also a way of collecting and preserving valuable genetics to insure against loss through accident or disease.

A history of the cow’s reproductive ability is recorded, and is added to, as she undergoes the assisted reproductive programs. This history enables tailored embryo collection programs to suit that particular cow, thus optimising results.

It also reveals the cows potential worth as a valuable successful breeder.

Financially, the more pregnancies gained per flushing program produces economies of scale. That is, each flush is determined as either cheap or expensive dependant on the number of pregnancies obtained. Good donor and recipient management, teamed with BVES excellent expertise, knowledge and service optimises the result for producers.

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